Cabinet Hardware: An Inexpensive Makeover for Your Home

Many years ago homes would go decades with the same cabinetry and certainly the same cabinet hardware. My how times have changed.

Today, new kitchen cabinets, counters and even a whole new layout for the space can make an old home seem brand new, not only increasing its value (when home prices do rebound), but functionality.

Older kitchens certainly weren’t made for the way we cook today. There weren’t microwaves, convection ovens, coffee and espresso makers and toaster ovens like there are now to crowd once spacious counters. And cabinets are overflowing with foodstuffs, glassware and dishes.

It you’re remodeling your kitchen, cabinet hardware is an entirely different decision you’ll have to make. Most cabinets either come with very basic hardware or none at all, leaving you on your own to find cabinet hardware that matches your décor and your personal tastes and style.

Luckily, manufacturers have been more than happy to fill the void out there with an endless variety of cabinet hardware, from pulls and knobs to door catches, hinges and backplates. If you’re a cabinet hardware novice, here are some of the basics.

Knobs and pulls. These are the easiest pieces of hardware to identify, as they allow you to open your doors and drawers with ease. However, you still have to decide whether pulls, knobs or a mix of the two are best and then figure out the style, design and finish.

Hinges. Out of sight and usually out of mind, you may want to change these out if they have any visible parts to them, as they should match the other cabinet hardware you’ve selected. If you have invisible hinges, you may not need to worry about replacing them.

Backplates. Grimy hands can stain and mar the fronts of your expensive cabinets and drawers. Backplates go between the knob or pull and the wood facing, adding an additional layer of protection. If you use backplates you’ll need to factor in their thickness when deciding how long the screw needs to be for each knob or pull.

Drawer slides. These are the runners that allow your drawers to open easily. You probably don’t need to worry about replacing these until they wear out, unless you really want to have the perfect kitchen where all the cabinet hardware matches exactly.

As you start your search for cabinet hardware you’ll be overwhelmed by choice. There are literally thousands upon thousands of options, not only in a specific style or shape, but in finishes. You can choose to go with a standard design or even get custom ones. For example, you can accent a country kitchen with western themed pulls, knobs and backplates or add a nautical flair to the kitchen with cabinet hardware that looks like starfish, shells and sea life.

If you’re a bit overwhelmed, you may want to start online in your search. Many online retailers offer cabinet hardware that is not only very stylish, but won’t be found in your local home improvement store. That’s because these retailers don’t have to cater to a one-size-fits-most approach to retailing and choose a handful of designs that everyone may like, or at least be able to settle on. Online retailers can work with smaller manufacturers to secure harder to find designs that will really give your kitchen a unique look that can’t be found anywhere else.

If you are planning to change out your hardware, take the time to decide on designs that won’t look tired or boring after a couple years. One of the best ways to avoid making a purchasing mistake is to select your favorites, install them on your cabinets and live them with a while, deciding which ones are perfect for you. This will not only save you time and money, but a lot of regret.

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Definitely Use Amazon Promotional Claim Codes For Your Shopping Online

You will discover numerous to shop online sites where one can carry out the gift buying effortlessly at home without any hassle. Starting from eBay to Amazon, each and every corporation seems to have completely different strategy to advertise their products. The particular Amazon promotion codes have captivated lots of people and happen to be causing an enormous industrial wave in the shopping on-line sector. The next few paragraphs would likely assist you to see the fact that Amazon promotional code actually work and also just what pushes these people from behind.

The Amazon promotional claimed codes that you will find most often will be kinds which will help you save money on different types of foodstuff which you might order on the internet. You will be able to locate ones that will provide you with a discounted on exquisite foods like the protein dish and also cheese. This is something which is given to be a present during The holiday season or enjoyed in office parties, so if you feel about to buy it then ensure that you not spend as much through a promotional code.

You should not get trapped when it comes to grocery offers. There are a few great bargains each and every month on Amazon online marketplace, however if you make use of discount coupons you may spend less by just visiting your retailer. On the other hand – If you possess the time and space, use some Amazon promotion codes for your personal grocery discounts can actually save you money, and it’s free delivery service.

The Amazon promotional claim code would be available as an numeric or alphanumeric code, or perhaps may very well be some sort of keyword phrase. All you need to do is simply jot it down. Next thing for you to do will be access to Amazon website, and insert the merchandise to the shopping cart where Amazon is providing the coupon code. It’s important to make perfectly sure that the sum of the price of the whole set of selected goods is equivalent to or greater than the least selling price requirement for this discount code to remain applicable. When you want make your payment via Amazon shopping cart, you need to simply insert the discount coupon and then press the Apply button. Your are finish! The exact amount of money is equivalent to the promotional claim code offered are going to be subtracted from the gross total.

Amazon has just almost every thing consisting of: Baby, Magazines, Digital Cameras, Music, Video Games, Computers, DVD, Gadgets, Kitchen Cabinets, Bikes, Popular Music, Software, Tools & Hardware, Toys and many more. Amazon has amazing deals, low cost deals, free delivery offers and discount coupons to save you a bundle of cash.

There are a variety of other Amazon promo codes readily available for you to utilize should you be considering making your dollars stretch. Wise buyers will be able to buy almost everything they desire and still have money remaining to purchase additional items if they want. If you’re somebody that looks at themselves as a wise consumer, then be sure to look at discount codes which you can use while you shop at Amazon.

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Kitchen Cabinet Hardware – Choosing the Best for You

If you are in the market for new kitchen cabinets, or you just want to spruce up the ones you already own, you can add style and flare by selecting the right hardware for your project. With so many styles of hardware to choose from, it may be difficult for you to know what will work best for you, but there are some things you can look at to help you make your decision a lot easier.

Styles of Hardware

Choosing the right style is very important. For example, if you chose handles for your cabinets when they were new, that means that there were two holes drilled in the cabinets. So you will have to again go with handles for your new project, as knobs would only use one hole and therefore not look right. If you are choosing hardware for new kitchen cabinets, keep in mind that once you drill a certain amount of holes, you can’t go back.

Hardware Finishes

There are now more hardware finishes than ever before. In the old days you only had a couple of finishes to choose from, but now you can have a couple dozen or more. Some of the more popular looks are brushed nickel, brass, stainless steel, and even chrome. What you want to be sure that you look at is the entire tone of the room. Make sure that the metal finish will compliment the kitchen and not look off in contrast to everything else around it. This is best accomplished by using a sample piece of hardware which can usually be obtained when you visit your local kitchen cabinet professional.

Custom Hardware

Just as there are custom cabinets that can be purchased, there is also custom cabinet hardware that can be purchased. Handles are among the most popular in the world of custom hardware, but there is even some custom trim you can get if you really want to make your kitchen cabinets unique. Of course the more unique you get, the more you will pay, but that’s why they call it custom.

Cabinet hardware can really make or break your kitchen cabinet’s looks. To be sure you are getting the right kind of hardware for your next kitchen cabinet project, you will want to consult with a pro. The kitchen cabinet professional at your local kitchen cabinet store should be able to help you decide what will look best in your kitchen as well as provide you with samples that you can take home and match up so you know for sure. Additionally, they will help you select the right hardware at a price that is just as right.

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Corner Bathroom Vanity – Maximize Your Space

Everyone wants to beautify their bathrooms. You may not realize it but a lot of your time is actually spent here so it is just right to make this room as warm and pleasing as possible. Decorating a small bathroom may pose a problem but there is an alternative to doing this. Corner bathroom vanity fixtures are one of the best solutions to this problem.

Corner bathroom vanity fixtures will fit perfectly in small spaces, making it easier for you to design and manage your bathroom. The concept of corner vanities is not really a new idea. Long ago, bathrooms were made to be small and simple. Because of this, households tried to exhaust the space available and make use of the corners to be more practical. Fairmont is one of the designer manufacturers who make high end bathroom vanities. They have around 18 different collections and one of them is the Vanity Manor 108-CV26. This product is handmade and hand-carved by a skilled craftsman. It measures 26″ W x 17 ½” D x 36″ H and available in Amazon for $675. It has a rich brown color finish and the materials used are poplar solids and veneers. The natural wood and rich finish gives off a simple Victorian look. Optional accessories like matching medicine cabinets and mirrors are also available.

Dark wood finishes may not fit well in modern themed bathrooms. Corner bathroom vanity fixtures in contemporary design are also available. One example is DreamLine’s GDLVG – 1103 wall mount glass vanity, available online in Build for the cheap price of $594.75. The product is originally priced at $793 so you would be getting a great discount from buying at this retailer. It features a modern touch of space saving design as well as a glass vessel sink and an integrated towel bar. The towel bar and wall bracket is made of stainless steel for durability. The purchase includes the corner vanity, glass bowl and faucet. The minimalist look of this corner vanity would help you maximize your bathroom space even more.

One important purpose of the bathroom vanity is for storage space. This can be used for storing towels and other bathroom necessities. Most modern-styled vanities are not really equipped with great storage areas because of the minimalist approach they have on their designs. If storage space is important for you, go for the vanities that are a lot bigger. A great product for this is the Belle Foret corner vanity sink, item number BF80039R, which is available in Vintage Tub for $646. This product comes in a dark oak finish with a black granite top. It comes with an undermount sink and also features a 2-door compartment for a large storage space. The handle and other hardware have an antique bronze brass finish. Its dimensions are 34 ½” W x 27″ D x 34 ½” and weighs about 128 pounds. It also features stunning hand-carved details all over the dark oak finish. Corner bathroom vanity fixtures like this would take care of your storage problem while still being elegantly beautiful.

One important thing to remember is to check out the reviews of the product and vendors you are buying from. If you are having a hard time finding the right vanity to fit snugly in the corner of your bathroom, you can try looking at custom furniture shops. Corner bathroom vanity fixtures that are customized to fit your bathroom would generally cost higher though.

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Great Looking 2X4 Furniture; Book Review

Informative Read … Recommended … 5 stars

The Review

Great-Looking 2X4 Furniture is another in the writers’ how-to book series. This one too is filled with step by step directions, lustrous snapshots, and a layout of a variety of furniture pieces to be made by utilizing a minimum of tools, readily accessible woods and a minimal measure of furniture making aptitude.

Catching my eye is the stunning chest showcased on the cover of the issue. The chest is sturdy and attractive.

Opening the work is a 23-page section featuring ‘Tips and Techniques,’ ‘Tools,’ including a listing of Basic Tools, Optional tools and Advanced Tools. The necessity for level working surface is explained. For the novice there are photos and simple description of hand tools, clamps, measuring tools. Line drawings indicate how to mark a rip cut and marking a crosscut. Various measuring tools; straight edge, T-bevel, Squares, and how to use level to check that edges are straight. Drills and bits, staples and staple guns and cutting tools are all shown and explanation for use is given. Photos and hand drawn illustrations are provided to explain by example good lumber and various problems to watch for when selecting woods to use for projects, warped, cupped, split and knotty planks are included.

A small two page section titled The Projects discusses things to know, things to consider and a detailed explanation of how the project schematic is set out for each project are included. The skill level code is explained: drawings of hammers are used. One hammer and the project is easy, two hammers means it is a bit more difficult and three hammers save for last. Schematics will include Special tools and Techniques, Materials and Supplies, Hardware, Cutting List, and a Final Tip.

Project plans include House Number-skill level 1 hammer, Victorian Table – skill level 1 hammer, Tiled Lamp – skill level 1 hammer, Planter for Cuttings – skill level 1 hammer, Bathroom Wall Rack – skill level 1 hammer, Upholstered Ottoman – skill level 2 hammers, Padded Headboard – skill level 1 hammer, and Butler’s Chest – skill level 2 hammers. Other projects are Wall Cabinet – skill level 2 hammers, Desk Organizer – skill level 2 hammers, Multiple Planter – skill level 2 hammers, Occasional Table – skill level 2 hammers, Sun Lounge with Planters skill level 2 hammers, Tiled Kitchen Table – skill level 2 hammers, Desk Cabinet – skill level 2 hammers, Buffet Table – skill level 2 hammers, Chaise Lounge – skill level 2 hammers, Rustic Armoire – skill level 3 hammers, and Corner Cabinet – skill level 3 hammers.

Written in lucid, ordinary language Writer’s Henderson and Baldwin have again put their ability to good use. The pair has created an excellent book meant for the do-it-yourselfer that may not yet have too much expertise. Use of copious illustrations, easily grasped directions, and photos of completed projects will prod the reader to want to grab a hammer and lumber and begin a project.

Great-Looking 2X4 Furniture is a super book for looking through carefully, keeping on the workbench AND using. Great-Looking 2X4 Furniture is meant to be used. Cover and pages sturdy keep on the worktable. As with others in the series the reader, per the fine print at the front-piece of the book, is permitted to make copies of the plans if they wish. The Butler Chest and The Chaise both have caught my interest! Maybe when the weather gets a little cooler I’ll tackle one or both.

I enjoyed the read and am happy to recommend. Great-Looking 2X4 Furniture will be a fine addition to the home library, the do-it-yourselfer gift package, or home school library and school library. It is a book to stir the interest of young men who may be reluctant to read a ‘story’ book and young women who are unwilling to do only ‘girl’ things.

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Decorate For Comfort and Equity Increase Without Overspending

We are now seeing rebound in home sales prices. So that has incentivized many American homeowners to go ahead and invest back into their homes.

We are going today to look at inexpensive sources and methods for fixing up your home so that it is nicer for you and you are also adding curb appeal and value for a re-sell down the road. If your sweat equity goes up, you could also eventually borrow it out and invest it into a second home or whatever.

Many years ago when I started seeing TV commercials prompting people to take out home equity loans for vacations and boats and such, I knew there was going to be trouble. Never pull equity out of your home for such things. Never. Never take money from an appreciating asset to buy a depreciating asset. Don’t spend gun money on butter, as Robert G Allen (“How To Buy Real Estate With Nothing Down”) would say.

Wealthy people buy antique furniture because it is a collectible and hold its value and appreciates. So does the art on the walls and the Rolls in the garage. They didn’t buy their living room set at Rooms To Go. In retail, the highest markups are on furniture and jewelry. Four times wholesale cost. They buy furniture wholesale for one-fourth of the retail price they will charge, so when they have a “Half Off” sale, gee, then they are just doubling their money. Drive a new car off the dealer lot and its value drops 25% immediately. These items are “butter”. “Guns” are assets that appreciate such as real estate, equities, gold and silver, antiques, art, etc. Nothing sadder than to drive through a low-income housing project and see Lexus and Cadillacs parked there. Living in a Section 8 HUD apartment, don’t own the real estate they sleep in, but they buy a brand new Lexus. Showing off, yes, but they are showing off to the other idiots who think outward displays of wealth ARE wealth. Can you say, “nouveau riche?” Most lottery winners are broke in 5 years.

So keep that in mind when you re-decorate, you want to balance between “buttery” stuff that is just plain comfortable (and that’s OK! ) and “gun” stuff that will increase value. I pay about $150 a month for cable and Netflix. Sounds high. But I used to blow that at a nightclub in a couple of hours. I never go to bars or clubs anymore, not even to restaurants because I am a vegetarian and often can’t find any menu items to eat. I am home all the time, so I think I am getting off cheaply to have a good variety of cable and movies to watch from the security and comfort of my own home. Looks like butter but to me it is not, it is a big savings over the expense and risk of going out.

Big discount department stores such as Wal-Mart and Target offer a big variety of inexpensive furniture odds and ends, small chests, bookcases, ottomans, etc. Sears also has great stuff!And they are on Amazon and eBay as well.

I know that Wal-Mart itself has boosted its collection of home furnishings such as rugs, lamps,patio furniture, bathroom accessories, decorative accents like pillows and cushions. Check their Better Homes & Gardens line of products. Good name, nice things. Target has its own new line of home accessories, the line is called Threshold. Dinnerware, glassware, linens, etc. JCPenney has new lines from designers like Jonathan Adler and others. I remember when Martha Stewart was the rage, and I will tell you something about Martha Stewart. I bought bed pillows and they went flat, so I emailed her website and they asked me for a few details like the SKU number of the pillow. Several days later a big box arrives at my door with new pillows and also a complete bedding set: comforter, shams, sheets and all. Really outstanding customer service and I have never forgotten it. I like Ralph Lauren and Laura Ashley, too.

For wall art, you can get incredible museum-quality reproductions on canvas from Old World masters such as Da Vinci and Raphael and newer work from Salvadore Dali and others. It really adds a pop of color! Try Old Masters Reproductions online.

How about the following ideas/suggestions:

Budgeting – research and get ideas by attending model homes that are staged and decorated, open houses, etc. Definitely visit places like Home Depot, Lowes and HGTV and sign up for their newsletters. I now Home Depot and Lowes even offer free classes for various do-it-yourself projects around the house. I send my own workers and handymen to the classes all the time; they are professionals in their own minds but can always stand to pick up fresh pointers! eBay even has a new modality you can set up in your Preferences specifying a type of décor you like such as Art Deco or Victorian or Vintage 60′s, etc. Then you automatically get notification emails about new items put up for sale that conform to those criteria you have set up, maybe you just want Turkish rugs. (I always want Turkish rugs!) I collect antique brass bowls, for example, so I get notifications about brass bowls, wine pitchers, etc. I fill up curio cabinets I buy at yard sales or even get for free from Craigslist and fill them with collectibles like that. I also like miniature pewters, and Chinese porcelain. Not only is the collection growing in value but it really enhances my home. I go for the classics: book-lined shelves, gilt picture frames for my oil reproductions, the back-lit curio cabinets, and I contrast that with ultra-modern technology such as computers and flat screen TV”s and a black and stainless steel kitchen. With cherry wood cabinets, if you can imagine.

You will have to pick and select carefully for your amount of living space. Frankly I am overwhelming my space here. But I am in the property maintenance business for foreclosures the bank owns now and is trying to sell via a Realtor, so we go in and clean out the junk first of all and I am always finding things to keep, sell or take to the metal recycling center for cash. My stock rotates! I change coffee tables like others change their underwear. Try to spend where you live. I am rarely in my bedroom, but always in my living room, it is my nerve center, desk, computer, TV, huge leather chairs and sofas. I put my money there.

Learn to compromise, you don’t have to have “the real thing” especially an original oil painting masterpiece. Reproductions are good. Maybe instead of new carpet, put down tile or hardwood and get a nice Turkish or other area rug.

Repurposing: Make one thing into another. You see this a lot with lamps and table bases, fins something funky and put a piece of beveled glass on it and you have a unique table. Lamp kits are a couple dollars at any hardware store. Buy a drill bit for glass and turn old vases and ceramics into lamps. Start an online business! Likewise, refinish second-hand, under scarred paint I have found cherry and mahogany dressers and tables that came out stunning for a few dollars of stripper and varnish and some elbow grease. Another online business!

A new coat of paint inside and outside works wonders. Use a good high-quality paint. We always use, from Home Depot, their Behr’s Ultra Premium Plus with the primer in the paint, it covers well in a single coat.

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